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Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Soul Coaching experts here to provide powerful life changing information for you! The presentations are scheduled for Saturday November 4 and Sunday November 5th. Dates and time for presentations are subject to change, so plan to be here for both amazing days to gather all the information you need to create a home that nurtures and supports your goals, dreams and mission in life!

Scheduled Workshops and Events


Meadow Linn

Meadow Linn


In this keynote talk, learn what is the greatest indicator of happiness. Hint: It’s not income or education.

Taste, smell, and feel your food as never before. Learn to infuse your meals with love, season your dishes with kindness, and stir in hopes and dreams. Travel the globe in this exclusive event, designed just for you. Meadow will show you step-by-step how to bring more mindfulness to your meals…and meaning to your life. You’ll learn foolproof strategies for creating healthy and delicious meals that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Meadow will show you that creating a healthy body can be a joyous experience. By following her 5 practical steps, you’ll begin to savor your life more fully and be more in alignment with who you really are. Join us as we go from nourishment to nirvana!

Additionally, during this presentation you’ll:

  • Clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom
  • Discover the foods that are best for your body and the ones to stay clear of
  • Gain tools to bring more joy into your kitchen and fill your dining room with love
  • Learn feng shui and space clearing techniques to enhance the energy of your kitchen and dining room and learn how to use clutter clearing as modern day alchemy
  • Learn how to create a meal to manifest your dreams

Meadow Linn, the co-author of The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food, will show you how to improve your health and increase your happiness by making simple changes. Additionally, you’ll gain tools to bring juicy deliciousness into all areas of your life. After attending this talk, your life will never be the same!

Meadow Linn is a chef and health/vitality coach who’s been passionate about good food since she was old enough to crawl into the cupboards. She has a masters degree from Columbia University, where she studied the history and sociology of eating in France. Meadow is the co-author of The Mystic Cookbook, which was listed by PBS Food as one of the Top 5 Cookbooks for the Holidays and inspired a keynote address live to 3,000 people and streamed worldwide. Meadow teaches hands-on cooking both in the USA and internationally. She is the founder of The Mystic Chef® Culinary Training, which combines spirituality, mindfulness, and consciousness with the act of nourishing ourselves. Meadow’s recipes and articles on living deliciously appear in numerous publications stateside and abroad.


Your home is more than just a shelter from the world. It is the template for your life. Does your home reflect the life you want to live? Does it shine with your values, your mission here? Does it resonate with your beliefs and dreams? We are connected to everything around us, and the art of feng shui allows us to empower ourselves by the energy of what we surround ourselves with.

In this session, you will take a short Inner Journey to your home, and see what is in alignment with your life. Learn some key areas of your home that resonate with different aspects of your life, your relationships, your health, your career and your connection to the divine. Discover if your home is helping you or if you have unintentionally programmed it and yourself for trouble. Learn how Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® Practitioners can enrich your life and home.

LuAnn’s life mission is to bring joy. She has been an Interior Alignment® feng shui consultant since 2002, and Soul Coaching® Practitioner since 2003. She is excited to be one of the few trained as a Master Educator and Trainer for the Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® International Institutes. She has been certifying new professionals worldwide since 2003 and is passionate about empowering her graduates. LuAnn is both a member of the Interior Alignment® Foundation Council and the Soul Coaching® Wisdom Council and support to Denise Linn. LuAnn loves connecting with her land, her doggies, her kitties, her friends and family.
Let’s talk about crystals and rocks and just how their energies in our home, car, and office space can bring our lives and spaces in to balance.

The ancients knew the power of rocks and crystals, they can protect, energize, comfort, raise vibrations, and much more. We will walk thru the bagua and you will get insight into just what crystals and rocks can and will bring to your life centers.

In addition, I will talk about how to create a medicine bundle that will support you in your home or when you travel.

A gifted teacher and spiritual leader, Rainy uses her training and life experiences to motivate growth for the soul, mind, and body. With an eye for color and balance, Rainy utilizes all of her talents to create an atmosphere of love, light, and laughter in her home and her teachings.

As one of a select few of Denise Linn’s certified Master Educators of the International School of Interior Alignment , Rainy has completed her certification in Soul Coaching with Denise Linn. In addition, Rainy is a graduate of Smiley’s Holistic Feng Shui Institute (SHFSI) with the late Grand Master Dr. C. H. Smiley, and a graduate of Phil Vande-Reit’s Oshama School of Healing Arts. Rainy has trained with David Daniel Kennedy and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.

She has enriched her healing experiences over the last 4 years in her studies with Don Sam Austin and Don Oscar Miro-Quisada in the ancient art of Peruvian Shamanism.

LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik

LuAnn Cibik

Felicia D’Haiti

Creating Sacred Space in our lives and in our homes provides us with an opportunity to live life with more vibrancy and passion while making deeper and more meaningful connections as soulful beings. We can create Sacred Space using clutter and space clearing techniques. Clutter is about more than just the physical clutter that takes up space in our homes, it can also refer to the mental, emotional, spiritual, past life, and karmic clutter that we carry. The good news is that there are many ways that we can explore these aspects of our lives and release the old patterns, ways of thinking and being, and energy that does not serve us. As we remove this clutter, it is important to create clear intentions on what energies we desire in our homes and in our lives.

In this empowering presentation, LuAnn and Felicia (both Master Teachers of Interior Alignment® and Mentors for the Elemental Space Clearing® and Clutter Clearing Coach programs) will share stories and demonstrate how these types of clutter build over our lifetime(s) and affect our energy and well being. Then, they will introduce practical methods you can use to identify, clear, energize, and prevent this clutter from coming back in to your life and home.

During this session you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the types of clutter in your life though self-reflection
  • Learn practical methods to clear this clutter from your life
  • Practice proven methods to energize and rejuvenate these areas and prevent future build-up through the use of Space Clearing
  • Create a simple and effective personal space clearing process to keep energetic clutter away!


About LuAnn: LuAnn is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®, and Certified Soul Coach. She is an active member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council since 2002. She is a past member of the the International Feng Shui Board, a graduate of Home Staging Resources and the Holistic Design Institute. She has worked closely with Denise Linn in providing Interior Alignment® programs, and other events such as the Weekend of Miracles, and other online and in person certification programs. Find out more at www.innerharmonyfengshuischool.com


About Felicia: Her practice, Soul Transformations, LLC, has attracted an international client base with feng shui services for homes, offices, holistic practices, and schools. Felicia also provides workshops and classes in Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing for Clarity and Prosperity, using the Power of Dreams to support goals, creating Spirit Sticks and Vision Boards, and the official Soul Coaching® 28-day Program. She is a Red Ribbon member of the International Feng Shui Guild and a contributing author in Soul Whispers III: Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams, published in 2012.


Diantha Harris

Diantha Harris


Every color has a personality. Like people, colors have their positive qualities and their challenging qualities. Knowing the language that color speaks helps us create spaces that support and nurture us throughout life’s challenges. Put another tool in your toolbox and become fluent in the language of color. Bring questions on your current projects to this presentation for a collaborative approach to determining which color(s) will best serve your needs.
Diantha Harris comes to the world of color by way of Interior Design, Feng Shui, Interior Alignment®, Healing Touch and other studies based on vibration and ancient esoteric knowledge. She teaches and works with clients, often combining her varied skills to provide a safe container in which her clients can create their own change. She is the author of two books on color, is a Color Ambassador for Color Therapy Month, and has become a well-respected expert on color.
Bill Schwingel

Bill Schwingel


Have you ever looked around your home to discover it just doesn’t feel like yours? Maybe it did at one point, but now it just doesn’t align with who you are and what you want in your life? You may be feeling a little lost or without a clear sense of direction? You’re not alone. But more importantly, you can transform your space into one that aligns with who you are today.

In this interactive presentation, “Honoring the Nature of Your Soul”, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment Bill Schwingel, will take you through a journey of reconnecting with your true self beginning with your connections to the natural world. Using these connections as your foundation, Bill will then help guide you to a deeper awareness of your own soul’s direction for you and your life. Finally, you will learn how to use these insights to change the energy of your home with sacred ceremony applying space clearing techniques used by indigenous cultures around the globe to align the energy with your aspirations.

Bill Schwingel, president and founder of Feng Shui 24 and the Institute for Intuitive Arts, became a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® in 2002 and has been studying feng shui, space clearing, earth energy, energy practices and intuitive tools for more than 20 years. A natural intuitive, he relies on Nature as a guide in his own life and his clients’ lives, helping them see how their environments can empower them to achieve their dreams. Bill offers home and business consultations as well as online and in-person courses on feng shui, space clearing, connecting with nature and various intuitive tools.
Gillian White

Gillian White


Ceremony is a form and structure that enables your soul to fly. It is a safe space, that allows you to open to the deepest parts of yourself and made even more sacred when shared in community. Ceremony brings clarity in life and gives direction as to what to do next.

Come join me in circle! Let’s use the power of ceremony to set our intentions, connect to our authentic self and craft a life that makes your soul sing! We will conclude our time with a healing and prayerful ceremony for our beautiful earth.

Gillian White has been working as an Energy Practitioner and teacher for 15 years. Gillian combines her learned and inner wisdom, which she has gained through her wise teachers and life experiences, to assist others in connecting with their soul and to live a life filled with love, gratitude, authenticity and freedom.

Gillian provides spiritual teachings in a variety of disciplines including Soul Coaching®, Feng Shui, Spiritual Healing, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Intuitive Work, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing.

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