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Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Soul Coaching experts here to provide powerful life changing information for you! The presentations are scheduled for Saturday November 4 and Sunday November 5th. Dates and time for presentations are subject to change, so plan to be here for both amazing days to gather all the information you need to create a home that nurtures and supports your goals, dreams and mission in life!

Scheduled Workshops and Events


Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson


There is a vast extensive part of our self that dwells within the physical parameters of our being and that is our soul. Our soul is our essence. It knows why we came to this earth and what we came here to accomplish. It knows the past lives we have lived and the lessons, talents and abilities we gathered along the way. All of this information is locked safely within. To access these hidden treasures we need to learn how to communicate with the gatekeeper … our soul. As we journey within we free ourselves from the chains of belief that bind us. As we draw from this inner well of wisdom we also learn how to flow and live from this place. In this way our spiritual and physical self becomes one, we become whole as we return “home”.

During our time together we shall travel through time to explore, heal and activate the ancestral knowledge and wisdom that resides within. Come join me then as we explore the many ways in which we can ignite our inner spiritual flame, communicate with our soul and activate those hidden treasures buried deep within.

Louise draws strength from her ancestral roots carrying the wisdom of her family’s heritage from the Scottish Borders (Clan Armstrong) and Northwest England. Louise’s second ‘home’ is on a remote island 2 nautical miles from the community of Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada, home to the Heiltsuk First Nation.

Over the past 3 decades, Louise has worked internationally in business and finance, yet her roots are firmly planted in the realms of spirituality, healing, and personal growth. A Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Past Life Coach, certified by Denise Linn, Louise facilitates coaching programs online www.louise-wilson.com and at “Willow Retreat”.

When you reflect upon the way you feel at the end of each day, what words come to mind? Are you exhausted, worn out, or still full of energy? Do you feel overwhelmed by the things you didn’t have time to do, or excited about what you accomplished? How do you think these feelings impact your overall health? During this presentation, learn how the arrangement of your home and what you choose to surround yourself with can nurture your health and wellness. Learn concepts related to how to set up your spaces to promote mindset shifts that will help raise your energy levels and bring more balance into your life and the lives of those with whom you live. Through short exercises, participants will tap into their own vision of health and wellness and create an action plan to implement changes when they return home, including tips and strategies for space clearing to further enhance the energy.

Felicia M. D’Haiti is a Feng Shui and Soul Coach, who guides clients in shifting their perspectives and environments to move beyond perfectionism, fear and self-imposed limitations. Felicia is an international best-selling author and long-time educator. She teaches professional certification courses in Soul Coaching®, Interior Alignment®, and Usui Reiki as well as a number of other workshops in clutter clearing, feng shui, dreams, working with oracle cards, and more. She lives in Maryland with her husband and four children. Connect with Felicia at www.feliciadhaiti.com, receive a complimentary gift, and explore her shop and other offerings, including courses.

Felicia D'Haiti

Felicia D’Haiti


Cynthia Najim

Cynthia Najim


Change is a certainty, a defining inevitability. Whether it comes gently courting like the sound of celestial bells or dramatically dives into your midst with an explosion, change shakes up the familiar landscape of your life. It can knock you to the floor or propel you to jubilantly soar. The experience depends on you. How you face change directly influences every aspect of your life – the quality and resonance of your relationships, your health, your home, your work, and your own level of fulfillment and joy.

During our time together, we will touch on the chime of change, the signs from your soul to wake up and take action. We will also explore 5 paramount processes to create positive and lasting change in your life – true transformation. The beauty is these gems already reside within you, your divine self, and your soul’s home. They are: 1. Getting Clear on What You Really Want, 2. Dissolving the Barriers to your Fulfillment, 3. Activating your Assets, 4. Awakening to the Whispers of your Dreams, and 5. Stepping into Conscious Action.

Cynthia models positive change and guides others through that liberating process. Having lived in 15 locations across 6 countries, she greets change as a close companion. Each move brings shifts in home, career, relationships, opportunities, perspectives, culture, and sometimes language.

Professionally, Cynthia creates transformational experiences. She fosters the awareness of fear and the empowerment of vulnerability and truth. She awakens dormant dreams and the sacred through writing, coaching, and ceremony. Cynthia is a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, Past Life Coach, and dream coach. Her first book, “The Descent to Freedom,” is slated for release next year. Learn more about her programs at CynthiaNajim.com.

Your bedroom can change your life! Blanka Vun Kannon shares her fascinating story of overcoming workaholism, relationship and health issues by changing her bedroom. In this vibrant presentation, you will learn about the energetic essence of the room where you spend 1/3 of your life, explore the deeper meaning of its current programming, and visualize your ideal bedroom. You will go home equipped with practical and easy-to-do tips for creating a bedroom for your soul.

Blanka Vun Kannon, is an Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment® and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ and a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner who inspires clients to create a life and home that truly feel great.

Author of 2 eBooks in Czech, Feng Shui as a Key to Happiness, Love and Harmony and Making Magic with Feng Shui, Blanka is the Founder of Škola Harmonie (School of Harmony). Specializing in Feng Shui for small homes and Soul Coaching® for corporate women, Blanka provides services all over the world. Her passion is to make Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® available in the Czech Republic.

Kyla Tustin

Kyla Tustin


Do you have a deep intuitive knowing that inside you there is a really big, bold purposeFULL mission, and soulFULL business only you were born to create in the world … And yet, the more you try and manifest the further away, confusing and hard it all seems.

Welcome! Today is the day we “Press Play on Manifesting Your Greatest Life.” In this workshop Kyla will take you on a deep meditative soul journey and exploration to “Ignite Your Unique Creative Spark” and the manifestation power of divine magnetism. Energetically activating your inner spark she will then provide you with the practical to step out into the world to create your greatest business, and life.

And yes there will be PLAY and lots of it to have you walking away feeling totally refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized.

Kyla is a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer and International expert in ‘Pressing Play on Your Greatest Business and Life.’ She has worked with thousands of workshop participants and companies, such as Apple Inc., Canon, AMEX, Disney, Volkswagen, and Blackmores. Kyla has also worked with hundreds of 1-on-1 clients around the globe, supporting people to wake up HAPPY, full of energy and in love with themselves, and life again.

Using crystals, aromatherapy and sound are all excellent tools to enhance our personal healing and the healing of others. This workshop will not be covering these tools, but will teach you how to use what you already have. Anita, a Lightsmith, who works with many Ascended Masters, Illuminated Beings and Teachers, offers clarity and understanding of a Higher Source of Energy available to all of us. These modalities and approaches apply to all services and religions, including Shamanism, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Anita brings our Sacred Self to the surface. We resonate with her ancient wisdom and insights, which empower us to walk our Truth. Anita is a powerful energy healer and Spiritual Lightsmith. Anita’s innate gifts and support from the Ascended Masters afford her the joy of healing the healers and helping those who are Awakening to accelerate their Spiritual Journey and Ascension. Her services also include readings from Akashic Record, Angels, Faeries, Realms and your Higher Self; Past/Future Life Regressions, Integrated Energy Therapy®, AngelLink® Attunements, Lightarian Empowerment Rays; Personal Management and Channeling.

Anita Kuhn Carria

Anita Kuhn Carria


Terry Bowen

Terry Bowen


Since your home was created, there has also been the Spirit of the Home. This Spirit isn’t a ghost that is trapped, and it certainly hasn’t been haunting you, it’s been there to look after the home and can give you guidance and ideas on how to make your home a better place to live. Our homes are an outer reflection of who we are; our truths, our desires, our life. The Spirit of the Home certainly wants to help you to make your home the best it can be, and when you begin to develop your relationship with them, you will notice shifts and changes for good.

During this talk, Terry will introduce you to the Spirit of your Home. You will learn how to work with the Spirit of Your Home, using feng shui and space clearing techniques to bring your goals into action.

Terry Bowen is a Mystic, Coach and Teacher with a passion to help his clients live a life they love. Over the years, he has studied a variety of different modalities and uses them to help others access their own intuition and gifts through down to earth, simple spirituality. Terry looks at what his clients really want, and then helps them create the positive changes that they are looking for.

Through Soul Coaching, Interior Alignment, Past Lives, Dreams and Oracle Cards, Terry will help you to discover how to live the life you love.

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