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Long Island, N.Y. Metropolitian Area and Ireland

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My life has become much more simplified and rewarding since Carmel introduced me to Feng Shui.

My life had become mundane and repetitive (work included) and all I could look forward to a glass of wine after a long day at work and socializing on a Saturday.

Carmel advised me to begin by decluttering one area at a time and to take it slowly so that I had a chance to enjoy each decluttered area before I moved onto the next.

I know where everything is and can locate things easily. I have brought lots of unwanted & unused stuff to the local charity shop and everything I have now has a useful purpose in my life and this had created more time for me.

Carmel advised me to move my furniture around and again to do this over a period of time so as to enjoy and appreciate each new change. Although the changes were strange at first the furniture changes have had a big impact on the flat, it is now so much easier to clean, easier to get to all areas of the flat and the rooms feel much more open.

There has been some small but noticeable monetary income and my husband is getting more work since Feng Shui came into our lives.

There is an angled wall in our hallway and Carmel advised me to hang a crystal from the ceiling, shortly after hanging the crystal my husband heard a sizzling noise from the cupboard, he quickly opened the door and saw a flame (approx 1 foot high) he quickly switched off the power and the burning stopped (the ceiling was lightly charred by the flame and there was an acrid smell). We were told by the plumbers & electricians that attended that we were lucky to have spotted the fire. Because of this they now have to check all pumps in the block of flats. We believe that we were very lucky that day, if it had happened during the night then there may have been a completely different outcome. We believe that the crystal saved us.

Our home life is much more positive and it seems that once we started to make the changes that our lives have also become less cluttered and everything is more harmonious.
As I said earlier – it is a work in progress and I am so grateful to have Carmel’s assistance and advice which has been invaluable.

“I cleared a lot of books from my Relationship area and shortly after reconciled with my extended family.

“I worked in our ‘Fame’ area for to attract business for husband’s company, and the next day he won a big contract!”