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Portland, Oregon

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“I love tapping into creativity of my clients and students. It’s a collaborative process and I love watching the results unfold. It is my intent to empower people to reach their highest good, realizing their passions, to unlock and dissolve barriers for success! This feng shui process creates passionate surroundings for clients, supported by their soul, uplifting them in every way possible on this pathway of life!”

Cindy Garreton

Everything physical and man made that we see around us begins with a thought. A thought holds energy and is a powerful tool. When you learn to harness it in your lifestyle to support you along your path, it becomes a way of life. Using this energy in your home, office, property, and surroundings to support your endeavors can change your life. Your thoughts become your truths, so focus on your true desires! I love teaching feng shui and watching the “a ha” moments in people’s lives begin to unfold. Using the ancient knowledge with intention, brings amazing results. I’ve been passionate about teaching feng shui since the 90’s and have been teaching CPIA classes since 2002, when I became a Master Educator for Interior Alignment with the wonderful Denise Linn. I have gratitude for meeting best friends from all over the world and locally through my work. I believe everyone should be educated in the ancient art of feng shui. Since I’ve started teaching 16 years ago, some of the information has become mainstream, such as clutter clearing, creating vision boards, creating and manifesting your desires. I am thrilled about this!! There is still much more to learn and practice in becoming a practitioner, and I am dedicated to helping people of all career backgrounds integrate this ancient knowledge and lifestyle of feng shui into their lives, to discover their inner intuition and more importantly, to learn to listen and value it.

Nature is our palate and our savior for health, happiness, and success. Tapping into nature in our lives is essential. As a young child, I used to make “rooms” in the woods of the mid west, behind my family home, . I would imagine the furniture from the logs, bushes and trees being walls, creating the blueprint of my home. Little did I know at the time that I was tapping into something of major importance: bringing nature into our homes! NASA has known this for years and has created the feeling of earth and nature for the astronauts in space, as a calming process.

I majored in Interior Design and earned a BA at Iowa State University, College of Design and Architecture. I have my own design firm here in the Portland, Oregon area. I have worked on projects from coast to coast. I integrated feng shui into my design work 16 years ago because I needed to see a deeper meaning in our material world of interior design: a more holistic approach. Integrating feng shui and interior design has been priceless and has satisfied my work on a soul level, while serving many from coast to coast. When I found feng shui, it made sense. Since I was a teenager, I have studied holistic healing, (energy of stones, essential oils, tarot, reiki,to name a few), Native American culture, and intuitive healing work. In my first certification of feng shui, I felt like I had been planting seeds my whole life, and then it all made sense. It was time to harvest.

For several years, I have participated with my award winning design work in the Street of Dreams in Seattle, Washington, as well as Greenville, South Carolina. I have served as the Director of International Feng Shui Guild in North and South Carolina and Oregon. With regard to sustainability and green building, I believe in supporting these products and businesses in my work as much as possible, along with educating my clients in these areas. Any small step we make for our planet is a golden step for mankind.

I would love to be part of your path in this beautiful world of feng shui, space clearing, and interior design. I have completed 10,000 square foot turn key homes, as well as making tiny homes sparkle! I would be honored to be a part of your journey, whether it’s education, consultation, or simply good design!


  • Teaching all classes in Interior Alignment, including teaching certification to new Master Teachers.
  • Interior Design: commercial, hospitality, and residential.
  • Coaching Feng Shui on all levels; personal, home, office, property, altars.
  • Space Clearing for preparing your home for selling and staging it to sell quickly.
  • Computerized blueprint of your home, according to feng shui bagua.
  • Incredible custom paintings for your home or office to touch your inner soul and support your personal chi created.
  • Custom fabric/embellishments for supporting the feng shui of your home.
  • Face Reading
  • Nine Star Ki


  • Feng Shui and Space Clearing Consultations
  • Consulting Interior Design hourly or contract proposal of specifications with new construction; including feng shui principles.
  • Consulting Interior Design hourly or contracting for home remodel interior design with feng shui principles.
  • Consulting for Kitchen/ Bath/ Cabinet design w feng shui principles.
  • Virtual feng shui readings/consults on skype.
  • Teaching courses on all levels of Interior Alignment: CPIA, AIA, MWFS, and MTIA
  • Feng Shui for Landscapes
  • Speaking at Conferences: Many topics. Contact me for list of topics!
  • Available for seminars and workshops.
  • Face Reading and Nine Star Ki Consultations

The saying “When you are ready, the teacher will appear…..” came true for me when Cindy came into my life, and WOW, what a teacher!!

When I became interested in becoming certified in Interior Alignment, my business partner, Lindsay and I went online and found that Cindy was a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment and lived within driving distance. My curiosity in someone with such credentials urged us on to set up a meeting with her, even though I had doubts as to whether this IA would be the right path for me. Having a background in art and Interior Design, I had a knowing deep in my soul that I needed to find a spiritual way to express my purpose in life.

All I can say is that the day Lindsay and I went to meet Cindy, I knew that I had found “my teacher” and such a loving feeling swept over me that I had “come home”.

I immediately noticed that Cindy had a spiritual presence about her that Later on, after I took the course, I realized that Cindy was living and being the energy that she taught. To me, if you are join to learn any healing arts or spiritual practices, it is imperative that you seek a teacher who walks the walk.

I asked Cindy if she would allow me to write this endorsement for her, because she is so humble, I knew I needed to speak out in her behalf to let others know of her gifts. Cindy has a gentle peaceful assurance about which shows an inner balance, that is truly a a soul that practices feng shui. She is a giving and nurturing teacher, that is like a ray of sunshine! Her laughter, and love of beauty and life is obvious. There is a definite “classy” quality to her that attracts you to her energy. I have been spoiled by her dedication to me as a student, and I noticed that she gave every other student the same love and attention. She is devoted to making sure you understand the concepts of IA, how to put them into practice, and most importantly, she helps you bring out the highest and best self in you.

I can’t wait to go out and start practicing IA, because I know it will impact the lives of everyone it touches. Thank you, Cindy, for empowering me to make such a difference in the world and in my own inner being! And, thank you Denise Linn!

Janice Caroll, CPIA
Greensboro, North Carolina


Cindy Garretón​ ​is an absolutely exemplary feng shui instructor! She is extremely knowledgeable, wise, kind and hilarious, too! Cindy’s gentleness, thoughtfulness and attentiveness is apparent during every moment of the feng shui coursework, whether one is participating in an online class with Cindy, attending one of her face-to-face classes, creating a ceremony alongside Cindy, or eating one of her deliciously prepared luncheons during a feng shui intensive program. — I consider it an incredible life blessing to have had the opportunity to learn from this amazing feng shui master, not once, but twice! I continue to learn something new about myself and/or the world every time I interact with Cindy. I have become a better human being because of my studies and relationship with Cindy, and I promise you, you will be too, if you choose to study under Cindy.

Judy Schiller, CPIA, AIA, MEFS
Portland, Oregon


I had the privilege of receiving both my CPIA and my AIA certifications from Cindy Garreton. At the moment I arrived for my first class, I was enfolded in her love. From my arrival at the motel, where fresh fruit and flowers awaited me, to the final ceremony, I floated in a euphoria of positivity. The atmosphere Cindy created in her beautiful home was one of quiet, mystical beauty. Each day new wonders unfolded. I was made to feel that I was special and gifted. Learning was effortless. Egoless, non-judgmental support was endless.

Again in my second class, which was shared with another individual, magic reigned. Guided meditation, graceful ritual and the opening of new worlds abounded; all punctuated by great good humor.

Cindy is a talented teacher who tailors her classes to meet individual needs, while at the same time ensuring that necessary material is covered. She guides without pushing, imparts wisdom without superiority, and shares without reservation. My time in the two Interior Alignment classes seemed to be all about me, but in truth was all about Cindy and her incredible teaching gift.

Debbie Buhler CPIA
Denver, Colorado


Cindy is a spirit that draws you close and gives you permission to be absolutely everything you’ve ever desired to become and then 100 times more! She possesses a quality that stirs up the embers deep down inside and ignites the inner fire of self-confidence. She is not only a bright light, she is also incredibly warm, positive and profoundly encouraging.

As my CPIA instructor, I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor & guide. Her passion and breadth of knowledge are astounding. Even when I was nervous to conduct my first guided meditation, her positive demeanor and belief in my abilities grounded me immediately and helped me to soar! Her love of Interior Alignment and Feng Shui is simply contagious and I knew that having her as my instructor would set me up for great success.

When it was time for me to need Space Clearing and House Blessing Services for my own home, there was absolutely no question as to who the perfect facilitator should be: Cindy! After having my home as a rental property for almost 9 years, I had lots of heavy energy and turbulent emotions swirling around about moving back in with my new family. Her care and devotion to the sanctity of my home were so very heart-touching. Her attention to detail were above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. A weight has been lifted, the energy has shifted and I now am so excited to start the next chapter in a home I never thought I would live in again.

Jenni Jo Austin, CPIA
Portland, Oregon


After spending time with Cindy one can’t help but to feel better about everything! A perpetual smile overtakes your face, giggles are inevitable and the mood is happy, enlightened, informative and addicting. You are in the most excellent hands when you are with Cindy.

“Cindy is an amazing instructor. After talking with a few potential IA instructors, the minute I talked with Cindy I knew she was the one I wanted to go with. She is so warm, and friendly and makes learning fun. She made me feel comfortable in her home for a private class, and catered to my special raw vegan diet, making me great food that was specific to my diet! She was so knowledgeable about Feng Shui and Space Clearing and gave great instruction.
She was very supportive and made my overall experience with the program very positive”.

Aria Rose CPIA
Seattle, Washington

This has been a truly “Miraculous Healing” for me! Thank you, my Master Teacher, for given me the courage to practice and learn feng shui and space clearing.

Through your course, I have opened my new feng shui eyes for life!! My favorite bagua memories of our course were inspiring meditations, meals with harmony, increasing wealth of knowledge, finding our totems, girls night out, whimsical dancing and fun games, and awesome field trips!

I am so grateful for your girt of teaching, along with your most warm, loving and generous spirit!!! Many sweet blessings to you!

Karen Jacobsen, CPIA, AIA, MWFS
San Francisco, California


Cindy is an absolute amazing teacher! I would recommend her to anyone! She carries such a tremendous amount of wisdom, reverence, insight, and experience in feng shui and design that is met and balanced by her love, humor, compassion, and generosity for her students and clients. She is a pure joy to be around and creates an environment for her students to really shine with the gifts and talents they inherently bring. I shopped around for the feng shui school and teacher that I felt were right for me. I know I made the right choice because Cindy went above and beyond everyday to provide me with not only the information and tools I needed to start my feng shui career but I also know that I have a mentor for years to come!

Leanne Voosen, CPIA
Ojai, California