Synchro-Alignment™ is a process unique to Interior Alignment® that our practitioners use to synchronize and align a person’s energy and intention with their home.

This is a very important aspect of a successful Instinctive Feng Shui consultation and in preparation to a Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing. Class Altar

Interior Alignment is a very client centered system of feng shui and space clearing work. We don’t just apply the bagua in a generic way or do a routine blessing for our clients. We craft our recommendations and blessings to match our clients goals, dreams and desires.

This means that we understand that you, the client, holds the key to changes needed in the home. Synchro-Alignment is a method of guided visualization, pioneered by Denise Linn that allows the Interior Alignment® Professional to truly understand what it is that you the client wants to achieve. It also allows the practitioner to assist you in honoring your own intuition about your home, and perhaps connect with its messages for you.

This process is one used by Interior Alignment practitioners as we seek to create a home for your soul. We know that creating a perfect home for you is not about the application of ‘rules’ to a space, but to understand you and your feeling about a space. A Synchro-Alignment process can be done in person, in your practitioners office, in your home or even over the phone or on Skype. The information you receive during this process can be the keys to creating a home for your soul.

Interior Alignment practitioners will then make suggestions based on the Synchro-Alignment that will assist you to rebalance and energize your home.

We have practitioners all around the world, that can also work in-person and online.