Interior Alignment Professional Practitioners

Licensed Practitioners of Interior Alignment® come from many backgrounds and experiences These practitioners are a part of a growing worldwide group that recognize the value in living according to nature and understanding the role of chi in the home or office  environment.

Our certification program offers different levels and specialty certifications. The full list of our Feng Shui  and  Space Clearing Practitioners is now on The Linn Academy website.  (The Linn Academy is a gathering point of all the various certifications that are offered by Denise Linn). Below is some information on these various certifications to best find the practitioner you want to work with.

CPIA/CPFS:  If your are looking for assistance with Feng Shui, clutter clearing, color choices, Healthy Home or want to connect and understand your home more deeply with a Synchro-Alignment process, look for someone with a CPIA or CPFS as an Instinctive Feng Shui practitioner.

CPIA/CPSC/ESC: If your are looking for a Space Clearing ( in person and Distance) look for a CPSC for our Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing Practitioners.or an ESC Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner.

MWFS: Medical Wheel Feng Shui is an specific and advanced method of working with the compass directions and the balance of the cycles of nature within and around your home. 

AIA: Advanced Practitioners are those who have taken that extra step to craft their skills even more.

MTIA, TAIA and MEIA  are the Master Teachers of our system, and would be delighted to talk to you about your path to becoming a practitioner.