The Interior Alignment® Community

Over the past 15 years people have been trained in this very special method of shifting and changing environments so that the clients inner world matches the energy of their home, and that their home or office can also support and uplift their life.

These practitioners are based all over the world. Some have professional Feng Shui practices, and some have incorporated these profound concepts into their existing job or service philosophy. All are spreading joy, harmony and beauty in the world.

Practitioners often offer workshops and classes to assist people in creating this energy in their homes and offices.

In recent years, the internet has allowed us to share our message with even more people. If you are interested in hearing tips and techniques that can influence your environment in powerful ways, and in turn, directly influence your life, please feel free to join our newsletter list and like our Facebook page!

Whether you are interested in becoming a Feng Shui professional, or you just want to create magic in your own life thru a rich and life-changing Feng Shui education, consider becoming a trained IA professional.

Benefits to Interior Alignment Feng Shui certification:

• Designed by Denise Linn, our curriculum covers feng shui principals, element theory, astrology, color, sounds, scent and much more.

• The Interior Alignment® Practitioner Manual, written by Denise Linn, is provided to our Interior Alignment practitioners at the time of their training and is only available to practitioners of Interior Alignment. The information in the Interior Alignment® Practitioner Manual is housed in our Red Practitioner Book and is only available to those in this certification program.

• As an IA Practitioner, you may become part of a large, worldwide network of IA certified professionals, with a free membership to the IA Community. The community e-group is an amazing blessing, offering help on various feng shui or energetic situations you may need to resolve for your clients that are beyond the basic course work.

• As a member of the IA Community, you become a part of a community of like-minded practitioners, with support and help available from around the world.

• Our Advanced Interior Alignment® Program with its Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Certification is unique, and incorporates the advanced use of a four element system. Ongoing, advanced educational training opportunities are available with teachers around the world.

• Interior Alignment practitioners and Denise Linn are well respected in the realms of interior design, architecture, health care and other professional level practices.

• You will have the ability to market your practice in connection with Interior Alignment® through this website, at feng shui conferences, and other advertising venues.