Interior Alignment® Licensed Master Teachers


While Denise Linn has no longer personally teaches certification programs in Interior Alignment, she has certified wonderful beings to carry this legacy on. Interior Alignment Master Teachers and programs are a part of The Linn Academy, and you can find out more information about them there.

Each teacher may offer the required curriculum in different formats (two week long retreats, week long intensives, weekend based education, online coursework combined with onsite immersive experience, and complete online offerings, etc). However, the core curriculum of the program, it’s standards, practices and methods that are used to train new Interior Alignment Practitioners are consistent among all master teachers.

These certification programs are often life changing experiences. Excellence in Feng Shui Training: Interior Alignment has a comprehensive course curriculum: you will learn Feng Shui principals, element theory, astrology, color, sounds, scent, and much more. Click here for more information about our certification programs.

Teachers of Interior Alignment can have different titles and certification levels as well, that represent the level of training in which they are authorized to teach. Each teacher is an independent contractors and is licensed to offer Interior Alignment training, as long as they follow the specified curriculum, pricing and structure for the courses.  Make sure if you are considering taking our certification in our program that the teacher you has chosen is a currently licensed teacher  ( listed on our website – use this link)

MTIA: Master Teacher of Interior Alignment has completed advanced training in as outlined by the International Institute of Interior Alignment, and may grant certification to students as CPIA, CPFS and CPSC.

TAIA: Teacher of Advanced Interior Alignment may certify all levels of practitioners, as well as teach the Advanced Interior Alignment course, and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification.

MEIA: Master Educator of Interior Alignment has completed all levels of training needed to teach all levels practitioners of Interior Alignment, certify Advanced IA graduate, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification and in the selection of and training of new Master Teachers.   Many of teachers offer private training as well as group classes.