Certification Levels

There has never been a more important time in our world to become a Feng Shui and Sacred Space professional.

Interior Alignment® Certification offers various specialties and levels. Our system can take you from becoming a feng shui and / or space clearing practitioner, to the level of Advanced Master Teacher, training your own practitioners.

The information below can help you learn more about our many programs.


Upcoming Programs

Based on both ancient Chinese practices and modern 21st century living in a healthy environment. Using practices of energy work found all over the world, we create homes and businesses that feel great and feel like spaces for the soul.

Instinctive Feng Shui™ Practitioner Certification

History of feng shui in the world, Yin/Yang, Chi, Five elements, basic principals of arrangement and flow, the Bagua, Form Feng Shui, Feng Shui of the land, Feng Shui for the home, feng shui for business; Use of colors, shapes, symbols and other aspects of space in a home for creation of balance and energy, reading floor plans.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ Practitioner Certification

Connecting with energy, reading energy of a space, working with the four elements of nature, creating meaning altars and blessing ceremonies, learning to use various practices and tools for clearing space and setting intention, and clutter clearing.

Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner Certification

With a specific process of altar creation, and work with mudras and the power of plants through essential oils, this space clearing system is both beautiful and powerful. 

Included in both Space Clearing and Feng Shui certification Programs

Synchro-Alignment™: A special process to use with your clients in order to tap into their deep inner wisdom, and use more shamanistic methods to connect with the energy of their home and environment. Healthy Home Concepts: Importance of nature and it’s cycles, natural light, how harmful chemicals gain entrance to your home, locating EMF’s and how to limit their negative impact on health, indoor plants to create better air, and MORE! Practitioner Tools: How to conduct effective and powerful consultations, how to connect with clients, creating your professional image, creating a business filled with joy, integrity and ethics, workshop and seminar ideas, basic marketing concepts to launch your practice, and MORE!

Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment®

Graduates of both the Instinctive Feng Shui™ Practitioner and Space Clearing Practitioner™ programs.

Within Interior Alignment® there are a number of training and certification levels. These levels indicate the number of hours and types of material the practitioner has achieved certification in.

Certified Practitioner of Feng Shui (CPFS) indicate that this person has successfully completed the Instinctive Feng Shui™ certification program outlined by the International Institute of Interior Alignment. This program can be offered as both an ALL ONLINE or a combination online and onsite options. This is a minimum 54 hour program, with the ALL online option having more required hours.

Certified Practitioner of Space Clearing (CPSC) indicate that this person has successfully completed  either the Elemental Space Clearing certification or the Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ program. Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing is a minimum 54 hour program, and only available as a ONSITE option for the Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing.  Elemental Space Clearing(ESC) is available as an ALL ONLINE distance learning course led by Denise Linn through Hay House. Students must complete 18 clearings on their own before becoming certified in ESC.

Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® (CPIA) indicates the completion of both Space Clearing and Feng Shui Interior Alignment® Programs. This is a minimum 100 hour program. This can be achieved by taking both the CPFS and the CPSC courses separately or a one longer course and intensive.

Advanced Interior Alignment® Practitioner (AIA) completed advanced training as outlined by the International Institute of Interior Alignment. They must have completed all requirements as CPIA, and have 6 months since their graduation date in order to take this advanced program.

Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Practitioner (MWFS) additional certification acquired by Advanced professionals starting in 2009. This method of feng shui uses a four element based Native American system to balance and energize a space.

Master Teacher of Interior Alignment (MTIA) is one who has completed all the above certifications AND has a rich background of experience as a practitioner. These people can offer certification for CPIA, CPFS and CPSC

Advanced Master Teacher (TAIA) is one who has completed all of the above, and additional training on offering the Advanced IA and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui programs

Master Educator of Interior Alignment ( MEIA) is one who has completed all of the above and the experience and certification to train new Master Teachers.

Teachers of Interior Alignment material can have different titles and certification levels as well, that represent the level of training in which they are authorized to teach.

MTIA: Master Teacher of Interior Alignment has completed advanced training in as outlined by the International Institute of Interior Alignment, and may grant certification to students as CPIA, CPFS and CPSC.

TAIA: Teacher of Advanced Interior Alignment may certify all levels of practitioners, as well as teach the Advanced Interior Alignment course, and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification.

MEIA: Master Educator of Interior Alignment has completed all levels of training needed to teach all levels practitioners of Interior Alignment, certify Advanced IA graduate, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui certification and in the selection of and training of new Master Teachers.   Many of teachers offer private training as well as group classes.  Click here to find out more.

  • Our curriculum was designed by Denise Linn, covering feng shui principals, element theory, astrology, color, sounds, scent, and much more.
  • Interior Alignment® practitioners receive the Interior Alignment Practitioner Manual written by Denise Linn and only available to IA practitioners. This information is housed in our Red Practitioner Book, only available to those in this certification program.
  • As an IA Practitioner, You may become a part of a large, worldwide network of IA certified professionals, with a free membership to the IA Community. The community e-group is an amazing blessing, offering almost instant help on various feng shui or energetic situations you may need to resolve for your clients that are beyond the basic coursework.
  • As a member of the IA Community, you become a part of a community of like-minded practitioners, with support and help available from around the world.
  • Our Advanced Interior Alignment Program with it’s Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ Certification, is unique in the world, incorporating the advanced use of a four element system. Ongoing advanced educational training opportunities can occur with teachers around the world.
  • Ability to market your practice in connection with Interior Alignment through this website, at feng shui conferences, and other advertising venues.

How to Decide which certification level, which teacher and which class?

Our Licensed Master Teachers use the same curriculum and official IA TRAINING MATERIALS with the latest of information and techniques created by Founder Denise Linn. For details about the different certification levels available, read more about that on our Certification levels page. When deciding which certification level is right for you, you might want to consider if you are more drawn to Feng Shui concepts ( arranging the objects in a space, which include colors, sounds, scent, and much more) or space clearing, (using tools and methods to clear the energy of a space). Or you might wish to train in a course that combines BOTH certification levels (called a CPIA course).

Your next step is to determine your teacher and course location. You will want to find the teacher who you really connect with. We suggest you contact several and discuss training options with them. You will also note that there will be a variation in costs of courses. This is due to the variables such as location, if the tuition includes food, lodging, etc. All tuition fees should automatically include all materials you need for the course, and anything you do as a part of the course curriculum (such as field trips or consultation trips). However, food, lodging transportation are all things that could be variables in the class. Please use the calendar on this page to find a group class being offer, but also read the bio’s of our Master Teachers and feel free to contact one directly to determine if they offer private study. (please note that private study is generally more expensive that group training, but it’s best to talk to your chosen teacher about tuition) The Interior Alignment® curriculum for each each course is standard. Please note that each teacher operates their own business, and we encourage students to ask each teacher about their specific business practices and policies.

INTERIOR ALIGNMENT CURRICULUM: What to look for when choosing a certification program: All instructors and programs will follow the same comprehensive standard of coursework, hours of education and instructional quality that are considered integral to the Interior Alignment study experience. Courses may be structured into different formats (retreat settings, series of class dates, distance learning with onsite intensives, etc) Interior Alignment honors that each individual has different needs and schedules, so various learning options are provided that can meet your schedule and needs. There are several certification levels within Interior Alignment®. It is possible to gain your full certification as a CPIA in several steps or in one longer course. When you are comparing courses, make sure that you are comparing the same course certification level.