By Sophy Robertson

To me, its been a very natural part of living, to space clear the energy in my home. I have always been drawn to using feathers, smoke, candles, oils, flowers and calling on spirit for guidance whilst doing so.

Three years ago now, I just so happened to notice Denise Linn’s on line course in “Space Clearing” On the Hay House website, to me this just made sense to go ahead and do the course. I had met Denise over 20 years ago, she was in Sydney Australia doing a Past Life Regression weekend workshop, which was amazing, and I loved her energy then.

I could not have predicted that 3 years later, Creating Sacred Space, my business, would do so well. It has launched my Soy wax candle range that I created based on a common emotions people want from space clearings. I also have a range of matching pure essential oils, which clients simply love the smell of. I love how people are becoming more and more aware of energy and how it affects them on a daily basis.

My clients range from all ages and backgrounds, my most favourite kinds are when one of a couple might be “let’s say” more skeptic about energy clearing, but during the clearing or straight afterwards, they come to me with a huge smile and gratitude for what I helped them achieve for their intentions. They feel a lot lighter, happier, they say that can make better choices about what they need and feel generally better with life. That’s wonderful to hear this and to know you have been able to help people this way.

I feel very grateful each and every time I’m booked for a space clearing, I love the connection with my clients and after we have had our initial consultation, my most favourite part is creating their Altar and choosing the colours and crystals to use, nine times out of ten, my clients always say, gosh that is my favourite  colour. Thank you for your time reading! Happy Space Clearing!

Article by Sophy Robertson, Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner

I am a space healer, working with sacred energy, to clear your home or workspace. I work closely with my clients to invigorate their space with abundance, cleansing the energetic space and invoking ancient mudras and spirit guides, blessing your environment.

I am a certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, tutored by International U.S based Denise Linn.

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